May 1 - 10am et

Make Doodle Art Cards: Bring Shalom to Others by Creating and Gifting Cards

With Jewish Studio Project and BBYO

We’ll consider the word “shalom” and its connection to wholeness and well-being in the context of the Shabbat kick-off of Mental Health Awareness month. We’ll make a version of 'angel cards.' Each slip of paper will include a word of blessing, inspiration, positivity, or affirmation, embellished with doodles to be gifted anonymously to someone who seems like they might need a little loving. The act of making the cards and gifting them is meant to bring some “shalom” to the giver as well as the recipient.

Far Away Poster 4

 ON DEMAND - Available May 13

Use Your Words: Storytelling for Strength and Sanity 

With Aaron Henne / Theatre Dybbuk


Stories - those we tell ourselves and others, help us understand our place in the world. They help form memories, and deep connections. It is through stories that we experience deep emotions and make sense of behaviors. Jewish people are storytellers at heart. This interactive workshop will teach you storytelling exercises you can incorporate into you daily lives as well as creative visualizations that will help you capture and comprehend the complexity of these times. 


May 12, 8 pm et

Own It:

Struggle And Self-Love Writing Workshop

With HereNow


Join HereNow, a teen-driven organization that supports, connects, and reduces stigma around mental health. In this creative writing workshop, you will write your own meditation and contribute to the 'Own It' movement. Own It is about loving who you are in this moment. It's about knowing you can hold struggle and self-love at the same time, and acknowledging you are doing your best and at the same time, you can always be growing. When you embrace what makes you uniquely you, you are Owning It. 


May 21 - 3 pm et

Girls in Trouble:

Celebrate Resilience with Songs and an Open Mic

With musican Alicia Jo Rabins

Join a celebration of resilience and an acknowledgement that even in the Torah, people had really hard times. Girls in Trouble is an indie-folk/art-pop song cycle by musician, poet and Torah teacher Alicia Jo Rabins.  Rabins mines the complex and fascinating stories of Biblical women, exploring the hidden places where their lives overlap to bring intimate ancient stories to life. as well as reading some accessible poems. Bring something you created or share writing/drawing during open mic. 

Image by Nathan McBride

ON DEMAND - Available May 20

Movement Minyan: Activating Potential Via Embodied Jewish Wisdom

Videos with Mitsui Collective

Humans are born movers … but how intelligent are you in your movement? Whether as an athlete, dancer, musician or simply human, Jewish movement minyan videos create dynamic, engaging, and seriously playful learning that will enable you to bring greater intention, skill, and range to the ways you move and generate embodied creative expression. Learn elf-care, wellness, and long-term resiliency building practices that you can draw from anytime.

May 31, 1 pm et

Baking for Balance: 
You Knead to Learn How to Braid Challah and Talk

With Blue Dove Foundation


End the month with award-winning author of Braided: A Journey of a Thousand Challahs, Beth Ricanati, MD, and her teenage daughter, for a live self-care challah-making community gathering.  Learn how baking can bring balance and calm to your life, and how you can incorporate these skills into an ongoing practice.


The first 50 bakers who volunteer to plan a future challah-making community gathering for teens or parents (of any size) will receive a copy of the book and a gratitude gift from Blue Dove.


Ongoing through May 28

Counting the Omer:
Actions and Intentions to Make the Days Count

With Mitsui Collective

As we continue this year’s Counting of the Omer, many of us have already been counting the days since the world entered this period of isolation, distancing, anxiety, and stress on the one hand, and self-sacrifice, community care, and virtual connection on the other.

The Omer — the 7 week / 49 day period from Passover to Shavuot — lends itself beautifully to layers of interpretation and practice.  Receive 7-minute actions and intentions to help bring meaning to complicated days.


May 27, 8 pm et

FOR TEENS: Let's Talk About the Tough Stuff:
New Rituals Mark Loss 

With Rabbi Dena Shaffer


The usual markers for high school have disappeared (no prom!?) and teens are feeling the loss. Yes our tradition teaches us how to grieve death.  What new practices can help teens mourn what could have been, and provide hope for what tomorrow brings.  This interactive session will highlight  countless examples of how this time is a launchpad for creativity, teach how the Torah gifts us with creative license and a framework for writing our own prayers and blessings.